Jenni Stratton

unnamedHello, thanks for checking us out! I’m Jenni Stratton and my first and most important job is being a mommy to two of the sweetest little girls in the world. My passion has always been creating art. My husband is also an artist who works mainly with pen and ink drawings. Our home is full of original pieces of art created by all of us!

I attended Limestone Community High School where I took art, photography, and ceramics classes. I didn’t pursue the field further than high school. Being a major insomniac, I have hours to myself at night and I’ve used them to teach myself many artistic skills (with the occasional help of a YouTube video). I paint, crochet, cross stitch, build with wood, and make jewelry. My husband never knows what new project he’ll come home to find me working on. Many of my family members and friends refer to me as Martha Stewart, but some call me Lucille Ball because I’m a little bit of a klutz at times.

One thing I constantly hear is “I just can’t do it. I’m not creative.” I love sitting down with them and making something they can be proud of. I’ve taught children as young as 7 to paint the most adorable pictures. All it takes is a little time and a whole lot of fun!

I want to thank the Chapman and Ayers family for the opportunity to work in such a wonderful gallery. I can’t wait to meet all the new painters who are eager (or being drug along by their significant other 😉 ) to paint with me!